How to quit smoking cigarettes?

Cancel the cigarettes permanent

  1. Dispose of all cigarette packages that you have (including those for emergencies). Hide ashtrays and lighters.
  2. Get rid of the thought that you will never smoke, because that can create panic. Go step by step. Tell yourself, “Today I will not smoke” and you stand the word. Do it every day.
  3. The first few days try to be more busy. Benefit from every point in doing something. Go for walks, to the movies, practice or observe your hobby.
  4. Avoid smoking places. Now, while actively implement the law prohibiting smoking in public places, will be hard to go to a bar or coffee shop without having to stay away from cigarettes. But it is best to start to avoid these places because the setting can you activate craving.
  5. Drink more water and juices, but avoid alcohol and coffee.
  6. Brush your teeth more often. The aroma of toothpaste will reduce the desire for a cigarette.
  7. Wash your clothes and put your favorite perfume. So you realize how nice you smell when you don’t smell on cigarettes.
  8. Go to the dentist and clean the plaque which is generated mainly due to smoking.
  9. If you have nothing to do with your mouth, you buy more gum. To have something to keep the hands busy, buy yourself an interesting pendant that you can play.
  10. After each passing day that will light up any addiction, reward yourself with something. Collect the money you would spend on cigarettes and buy yourself small accessories or cosmetics. So you will be satisfied with it.