How to quit smoking cigarettes?

If you get a strong desire to smoke…

  • Chew sugar-free gym flavored with menthol and if you are home eat cucumber, carrot, apple and celery as an appetizer. They do not have many calories and will help to pull you from smoking.
  • Relax. Overlook your eyes and imagine all the reasons that led you to become a non-smoker. Then imagine a place that you do not create tension.
  • Breathe deeply. Make 10 deep breaths and exhale.
  • Forget the notion that one cigarette will not hurt you. It is this addiction will destroy your work so far.
  • Go for a walk. Physical activity can be your best ally in the difficult period immediately after the cancellation.

It is important to write down each day when you can say that you don’t smoke. Each month, three months or a year, celebrate.

If you ever succumb to temptation, do not be too strict with yourself and do not disappoint. Identify the cause that led to your reaching for the cigarettes and the next time you find yourself in the same situation you’re ready to resist the deadly vice.

Good Luck!