Health benefits of nuts for stronger heart

Contain of the nuts

Dietary fiber from nuts reduce the blood cholesterol.

Although it depends on the type, nuts contain at least some of these substances:

  • Unsaturated fat. Experts believe that the “good” fats found in nuts, reduces “bad” cholesterol.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Many nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. Most of these fatty acids are found in fish, but nuts are their best plant source.
  • L-arginine. Nuts contain many L-arginine. It is a substance that helps improve the health of the artery walls, thus it improves flexibility and makes them less prone to blood clots.
  • Dietary fiber. All nuts contain fiber, which can lower blood cholesterol. Fiber makes you feel full and thus eat less. Also, they are thought to help prevent diabetes.
  • Vitamin E. Researchers are still not sure, but thought that vitamin E can prevent the development of sediment in the arteries. This reduces the risk of heart attack or coronary artery disease.