Everything about emotional vampires

Like it or not, the people that surround us affect us. Some are so positive that the entire day to spend in their vicinity will look like you spent an hour, because as contagion spread good cheer and ease the chase pessimism and dark thoughts. On the other hand, there are those people that “suck” your energy.

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Emotional vampires

Emotional vampires

Surely you’ve heard of vampires who drink blood and you’ve only seen on a TV screen in popular films. But there is another type of vampires that probably you met in real life, and are called by different terms like mental, emotional or energy vampires.

These “vampires” are people who consciously or unconsciously “feed” with your energy, enthusiasm and passion and leave you weak, depressed, helpless and tired. Those without much effort reduce your confidence through the power of conversation and you exacerbate mood just by their presence.Maybe it’s your friend who is eternally in love porridge and its problems never get a solution, but just grow and grow. Perhaps it is your colleague who never greets you with a smile, but with complaints and gossip. Maybe it’s your cousin who has ever criticized for your behavior, or maybe it’s your acquaintance who lives a perfect life and you constantly throws his successes in your face.