Why do we cry? – The truth behind the tears

Why do we cry?

Why do we cry

Why do we cry?

Crying is a different experience for each person. Some people may get gentle cry for smallest things, while others are cold as stone even in the saddest situations.

Have you ever wondered why do we cry, why some argue that crying is beneficial or who cries more – men or women? Here are the answers to these interesting questions.

Crying is the first form of communication. During the first months of life, babies do not emit emotional tears. They cry because it’s the only way they can show that they are helpless and need attention from someone.

Crying is an expression of strong emotion. Through tears people express the strongest emotion, whether is good or bad. Crying can be caused by grief, pain, anger, and of happiness or excitement.

Crying is a way to get something. Some people cry to attract attention to itself. Others cry to achieve what you want. Survey of Texas at Arlington University found that women who cry during the argument with their partner, are more likely to resolve conflict. On the other hand, in arguing that women do not cry, conflict often escalates.

Crying deepens relationships between people. People need to get support from others. Aforementioned research found that when women look at that video shows another woman weeps, beginning to feel emotional closeness with this woman.