Everything about emotional vampires

Signs that you are a victim of “vampire attack”

“Vampires” which are mention make psychic attack, killing the mood and positive emotions. Sometimes their negative influence is obviously and intentionally start to avoid them, but sometimes the effect of their “attack” is hidden.The consequences of “vampire attack” can occur while you are still under the direct influence of the attacker or when he will be away from you. Here are the effects:

  • nervousness, anxiety and deconcentration
  • negativity
  • complete exhaustion and sleepiness
  • feelings of anger
  • reduced self-esteem
  • headache

For example, you can meet your friend for coffee. You are dressed from head to toe and you arrive with a big smile, and she is late 15 minutes, coming frowning and began to “spit” taxis, hot weather, dull neighbor, ex-boyfriend, nightlife … And on that way it was spent an hour and you do not put any sentence mood you go down to zero and you do not have the strength to fight to get a word. Split with a friend, yet you can not restore your smile and you will feel like you have headache attacks. It is a typical effect of energy vampires. But before you put your friend in the category of “bad people”, it is good to know that she may not be aware that you caused it. There are “vampires” who attacked with intent and those who unwittingly depleting others.