Everything about emotional vampires

The most common types of emotional vampires

It is not easy to identify the emotional “vampires” in your life because all are under different masks and different tactics of attack. But there are several common types that Dr. Judith Orlof, a prominent psychiatrist who became famous with his theories on the subject, believes that all around us.

  • Victim. “Only this can happen to me” – you will hear from them. They constantly complain and always have unsolvable problems, and millions of tips that indicate their address remain unheard. If they don’t complain about work, they are complaining about their partner. If they do not complain about hard life, they complain that they don’t feel good. They will instill in your head that life is unfair, difficult and fraught with problems and will steal the smile from your face.
  • Narcissus. “I do this, I like this, I just …” – these people love to talk only for themselves. When they are not talking about successful career, hot love life or active social life, they kill all your conversations who are not revolve around them. They believe that the most talented, the most hardworking, successful … Regardless of your skills and achievements meeting them will make you to feel unhappy and you will doubt about your achievements.
  • Critic. After meeting with the critic you will probably stay with low self-esteem. He little by little hit you with criticism, and after every said criticism he/she will tell you that he/she was joking. After criticism “I see you have a nice life,you have put some pounds on you” will follows “I just kidding.”
  • People who knows everything. These people have an answer for everything, and every tough offer the best solution. You have to listen because no one knows more than them. “You know what you have to do” is a common phrase from them. After meeting with them you will feel inferior because they love to dominate and control others and their lives.

People who can be called “vampires” use weapons complaints, criticism, gossip, taunt, quarrels. Since it is impossible to completely disconnect from your life, the best defense tactic is to listen, but to limit time with them. You can tell them: “In ten minutes I have to go …”. So you just agonizing short time and you will be able to recover.

Do not let them to provoke you, stay calm. Join them with a smile on their every cunning comment, talk with positive words.

However, the most important point remains to identify people who drain you. Once you find out who is stealing your energy and good mood, you can easily protect yourself.