6 Amazing Health And Beauty Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea: Why I Swear By It

2. Weight loss and toning



Need to lose a few extra pounds or tone up before summer arrives? No problem! Get yourself some green tea and you’ll be on your way in no time. After drinking 3 – 4 cups a day for 2 months I noticed a significant difference in the way I felt and looked. I became a lot more energised and motivated to get out and active and generally felt lighter, bouncier and healthier!

Lose weight and tone up with green tea

Studies have concluded that green tea boosts metabolism by 4% due to an extract containing polyphenols and caffeine stimulating fat oxidation without needing to increase the heart rate. So basically, by drinking unsweetened green tea throughout the day instead of your usual Starbucks Caramel Latte or Red Bull, you are able to speed up your metabolism from the comfort of your own desk! It will also help to cleanse the body of excess fluid, getting rid of that puffy feeling almost instantly. Ref 3.

The caffeine within green tea will also boost your energy and motivation to get out and do some exercise. I love this fact because it’s not that I don’t like to exercise, it’s just that I’m usually too lazy. With the energy to get active you’ll not only lose weight but you’ll also tone up, resulting in a summer bikini ready body if you stick to it!

Combine cardio and weight training for at least 30 minutes a day with a healthy, balanced diet (nothing drastic), plenty of water and 4 daily cups of green tea (unsweetened), and you’ll start noticing a difference very quickly. If the scales don’t say so, you are most probably replacing fat with muscle, which will help you in the long run by giving you added strength and stamina during workouts (strong is the new skinny ladies!). Drink a cup of green tea after workouts to help your body recover faster and reduce muscle damage.

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