5 Steps To Write For Wellness

Did you know that the plain simple act of writing can give you a dose of pure simple wellness? Don’t be surprised. It is possible; if done correctly. Let me explain…

The Unity And Interdependence Of Body, Mind And Soul

Body, mind and soul- you must have heard these three words spoken together. There is a reason for their being a triplet. Whether you observe it or not (and whether you believe in existence of soul or not), body, mind and soul are interconnected and interdependent. What affects one will sooner or later reflect in the other two. Just think, why do those who meditate regularly have calm eyes? It is simply their peaceful mind getting reflected in a physical feature. Ancient wisdom too has always stated that all diseases are dis-eases i.e. when you are not at ease (out of equilibrium); ailments get an open door invitation into your existence. Modern science is also slowly coming around to the view that all ailments have psycho-somatic roots.  

Affect One, Affect All

I repeat, when it comes to body, mind or soul, what affects one will sooner or later reflect in the other two. There are so many disciplines across cultures that prove these. Just think, how do martial arts practitioners bring so much physical power into their body? It is through extreme focus of mind. Ditto for yoga, which is a case of physical movements coordinated with breath to strengthen the mind to achieve a realized soul. Some other examples in the same vein are tai chi, breath work, chanting, reiki, EFTand pranic healing etc. The basic premise is that when you nourish any one of the three- body or mind or soul- the other two get nourished automatically. Getting confused? Don’t be. I am coming back to my core topic i.e. writing as a wellness tool.

Writing, A Very Simple Route To Better Health


Yoga, tai chi, breath work, chanting, EFT, reiki and pranic healing etc require learning from a master who may or may not be available (always assuming that you were inclined to learn any of these in the first place!)  Writing on the other hand is a totally do-it-yourself wellness tool. It is one skill that majority of population across continents have. We have all learned to write as part of our basic education.

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