5 Steps To Write For Wellness

Why, How And What To Write For Wellness


The primary objective of writing is to facilitate precise and recorded communication between individuals/ groups. When we use writing as a wellness tool, we turn this quality on its head, and use it to send communication to body from mind. When you write a simple and general sentence like ‘I am slim and healthy’ over and over again, your mind absorbs the message and communicates it to its other two counterparts. Your body hikes its metabolic rate, your brain tells you not to overeat and move around more than usual. And down comes the body weight leading to better overall health. See, the technique is simple and adaptable to any set of specific health needs. I repeat the process step-wise:

5 Steps To Write Your Way To Wellness

  • Identify the area of physical/ emotional/ spiritual health you wish to work on.


  • Choose a message to reflect the same (see statement suggestions given in box).


  • Write on a plain, clean sheet of paper again and again and yet again daily to instill the message firmly into your brain.


  • Keep an exclusive diary for your wellness writing; if you like.


  • Remember to write your chosen statement as many times as possible. And repeat the process daily for effective results.


Examples Of Possible Ailment-Statement Duos:

Anxiety: I am free from all fear. I am fully secure and safe.  

Depression: I am a happy, positive and grateful person.  

Back pain: My back bone is strong and healthy.  

Hypertension: My blood is coursing through my body in the healthiest way possible.  

Diabetes: My blood sugar count is a very healthy.  


Happy and healthy writing!