Herbs That Kill Cancer Cells

Herbs that kill cancer cells

Herbs that kill cancer cells

The gifts from the nature are irreplaceable in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Together with traditional healing, you can include in the prevention or treatment of cancer a few herbs and spices that with the power of nature will help you to win the most dreaded disease. Besides cancer, these herbs are very useful for the body – they strengthen immunity and help to keep us healthy and smiling.

Curcumin lately became a spice that most effectively destroys tumors. And this is not incidentally. The plant contains many antioxidants that have the ability to melt the cancer cells. According to recent surveys half teaspoon of curcumin a day helps in reducing of created false models of DNA and other cancer cells in the human body.
The thymus serpyllum contains many useful wild ingredients that effectively resist with cancer. The herb is used as a remedy for cancer, especially cancer on the mouth.

Basil is famous in that it purifies the body. It is a natural protector who opposes the creation of cancerous cells, limiting their growth and even melting them.
Parsley very successfully melts the cancerous cells. It is used mostly preventive because of developing sick cells. You can use it with yogurt or just eat it directly. It is not recommended to be used by pregnant women in large amounts.

Green tea contains a huge amount of antioxidants, which prevents the sick cells. We can drink it as tea with addition of one teaspoon of honey against colon cancer, mammary glands, lungs, skin, liver, colon and stomach.