Seven Health Myths Debunked

1. Eating at night makes you fat

People are gaining weight when entering more calories than you consume. No matter when you eat, but how you eat. No matter what time of day you enter, calories are calories.

2. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day

Fruits, vegetables, coffee and juices contain water and that water enters the recommended amount that you should drink. This means that if you put more fruits and vegetables, you should not force your body to receive 8 cups water and thus unnecessarily loading the kidneys.

3. Men with big feet have big penises

Research that involved 3 100 men, confirmed that there is no relationship between the size of the shoes of the man and his penis.

4. Men think about sex every 7 seconds

If we assume that a man is awake 16 hours a day, then every man should think about sex more than 57,000 times around the clock. If it be true, men could hardly do anything else different from sex.

5. Swallowed gum stays in your stomach 7 years

Chewing gum is actually indigestible. But that does not mean that it remains in the stomach. The body gets rid of it with that ejects from the body directly in WC-cup.

6. Each person swallows 8 spiders a year

This claim is not true, because many people sleep with closed mouth. Another argument that denies the myth that roll in the dream afraid spiders and they rarely come close to the people.

7. Reading on muted light, damaged the eyesight

There is no evidence that this widespread myth is true. Although the strain on the eyes when reading the muted light can cause temporary decreased visual acuity, he returns to normal after rest.