How to Make Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

The sore throat is a symptom of inflamed mucosa, which may occur as a result of infection or irritation. Feeling a pain and discomfort in the throat are among the most common symptoms for which patients go to the doctor. The sore throat occurs due to infection and irritation and usually lasts from three to seven days, and if the situation is chronic, especially when it comes to a symptom of another condition such as the sinuses.
The sore throat is followed by symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, hoarseness, conjunctivitis, headache and weakness. Doctors say that most cases of sore throats are caused by viral infections or mechanical reasons as breathing through the mouth. If you have any symptoms, you should call the doctor, and parallel you can treat your sore throat with homemade recipe at home. Here’s one recipe for sore throat.
In one jar you should put pieces of lemon and pieces of ginger and on top of it you should put honey. After that you should close the jar and put it in the refrigerator until that mixture become like a jelly. Then you should take one spoon of the jelly,  and  put it in a cup and pour it with hot water. When the tea is ready  you should  drink one cup per day. This medication can be kept in the refrigerator  two to three months.