How to control the reactions of your body?

How to control the reactions of your body

How to control the reactions of your body?

Some situations in life require you to refrain from expressing emotions through a smile or tears. In others, you like to help yourself to avoid unpleasant problems like fainting, acids or prevent boring hiccups. Your body can only fight against these undesirable problems, but you should know to tell you to do.

Prevent hiccups

Hiccup is very uncomfortable, especially when takes longer. To prevent, breathe deeply and inhale and hold air for ten seconds. Then, without exhale, breathe in more air and hold for five seconds. Finally, once again breathe the air and hold for five seconds. Once you do this continue to breathe normally. Research at the Faculty of Medicine of New York University, showed that all participants could do this “trick” for hiccups because it stops immediately.

Prevent tears

Very often there are situations when the tears can only hurt you. In such embarrassing moments, to stop you simply scrub the throat. It will stop mechanism in the nasal canals and larynx, which controls the crying. After cleansing the throat, instinctively swallow, thereby placing the tongue on the upper part of the mouth. This is another trick that helps to stop the tears.