How to wake up early in the morning and have more energy?

  1. Find out how many sleep hours are enough. You will never enjoy the morning if you are not slept well. For some people are enough nine hours sleep, others feel great with only 6 hours of sleep. The average number of hours that people are advised to spend in bed are 8th hours.But average is not the best solution for everyone. So, how many hours sleep you need only you know. Watch how you are energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day and find links to the number of hours that you slept. If you feel good after 9 hours sleep, the next day get up 15 minutes early. Also diminish the time to sleep until to find how many hours you sleep.
  2. Keep out 5-6 alarms that will break the dream of every 5 minutes. Do not use the option “Snooze” and did not adjust several alarms in the morning in order to be able to shut down and took a nap for a minute. After the first alarm you will not be able to enter into a deep sleep, and experts say that this will only make to wake up without power. Much smarter tactic is to set the alarm when you really need to wake up.Instead before bedtime adjust the alarm and tell yourself this “It will woke me up at 7 first, then I will have time to nap a bit,” When you hear the alarm, you have to get up instantly.
  3. After awakening play cheerful energetic music. Instead of pushing “Snooze”, press button that starts with optimistic dynamic song that fill you up with energy and that your frowning face will refresh with a smile.
  4. Wake yourself with a light. More people are tempted to sleep in a room that is completely dark, but also you can easily lose track of time. Light reduces the level of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. Adjust blinds so the morning light can enter the room and use curtains that leak light. Once the sun starts to enter into your room, you naturally will gradually wake up. Waking up with the sun is much nicer than waking up with a nasty sound of the alarm. Once you get up, drink coffee by the window by entering daylight.
  5. Surround yourself with colors. Living cheerful colors help to improve mood in the morning. Get a cloths in cyclamen, orange or red or keep in a bright-colored view of the bedroom to be fresher and instead to wake up with anxiety, you will wake up calmer.