How to wake up early in the morning and have more energy?

  • Place a bouquet of flowers near you. Research implemented at Harvard found that people who are not “morning people” feel happier and more fulfilled with energy if the first thing they see in the morning is a bouquet of flowers.
  • Make the change gradually. If you are a “night bird”, it will be very difficult to fall asleep earlier. Therefore, let the change be gradual, go to bed every day 10 minutes earlier. In less than a week you will to go to bed an hour earlier. That same goes for getting morning. If normally you open eyes at 8 am and you want to get up at 7:30, on every 3 days set the alarm to ring for about ten minutes before.
  • One hour before bedtime move away from the screens. That means no TV, internet and mobile phones. Do not create the habit to fall asleep with the TV or laptop running because their light disturbs your sleep. The last hour before bedtime use shower, preparing clothes for the next day and make calm conversation with loved ones. Create a ritual for yourself and your body will soon learn when it’s time to sink into the “world” of dreams.
  • Stay consistent. People often violate their habits through the weekend. You can not expect to observe some rules during the week, and others during the weekend. Sleeping later on the weekend will make Monday’s mornings more unpleasant.
  • Stop telling yourself “I’m not morning person”. Convince yourself that you can get up early. Motivate with small rewards. For example, if you get up early, you will have an extra half hour for drinking coffee with friends, to be with loved ones, or to play with your kids. That half hour you can use for home and body care, having a new haircut, manicure or doing exercise.