Home remedy for veins, hemorrhoids or poor circulation


After the first occurrence of a painful symptom of the veins, hemorrhoids or poor circulation, you should immediately begin to heal and treat with a product that is based on wild chestnut .
The chestnut is very helpful but, acts slow, so for that cause you should take it as soon as possible. Besides the various cosmetics that are containing chestnut, you can also prepare a special healing balm of this fruit.

Homemade Horse Chestnut Balm

For making homemade horse chestnut balm, you have to make a mixture of 12-15 mellow wild chestnuts and 2.5 ounces of cognac.
You should shape the wild nut, than place it in a jar and pour it with the cognac. Leave it to stay in the jar about 6-8 weeks, and when the home remedy is ready, you should put a few drops of the remedy in water and drink it. It is helpful for circulation, varicose veins , hemorrhoids …