The New York Diet – Enjoy In Food And Burn Fat

In contrast to other, this diet isn’t similar to any other diet. With this diet you can enjoy in food and life. This is currently the most healthy and most popular diet that hold together many women, because there is no prohibit and most importantly, no starvation. These rules must be observed:

The New York Diet

Photographs by Evan Sung for The New York Times; frittata by Fred Bernstein

  1. Eat what you want.
  2. Eat only when you are really hungry.
  3. Do not overeat, when you feel that is enough you should to stop. Your hand shall be the measure of the quantity that you need.
  4. Snack is necessary. Buy crackers, raisins and chestnuts. Always keep a snack to prevent rapid hungry.
  5. Listen your body and eat at any time that suits you. If you want something, even if it is 22 pm eat free. The same applies to desserts like pudding and chocolates. The most important thing is to eat a small quantities.
  6. Simplify meals. It has been proven with a larger selection of food, you can eat more. Keep the simple combinations of food or the same dinner until you are being bored.
  7. Do not leave the protein and grains. Bread, rice and pasta aren’t your enemies. They are ideal to thinking and combining meals.
  8. Avoid all white foods only.
  9. Enjoy in vegetables.
  10. The greatest enemy is the fast food.
  11. Enter a small physical activity in your life. Any activity is welcome.