How To Improve Blood Circulation – Recipe

Effective natural recipe to improve blood circulation and protect blood vessels

Blood Circulation Remedy

Blood Circulation Remedy

We present you effective natural recipe which was used for decades among people, and is considered for very effective for improving blood circulation and protection of heart and blood vessels. This recipe consist ingredients that are easy to find in our area, so we recommend you to try it.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 40 grams of dry marigold,
  • 40 grams of thyme,
  • 40 grams of dry nettle,
  • 3 branches of rosemary,
  • 3 branches of yarrow,
  • 3 branches of st. John’s wort
  • and 1 liter of brandy.


  1. All of the ingredients mentioned above are placed in a jar.
  2. Then you pour brandy over them, and you leave them to stay for 30 days in a dark room.
  3. You should consume one teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.