Do You Drink Coffee? Check Caffeine Side Effects

Side Effects

Caffeine is used as a stimulant, but as the consumption of any other drug, the consumption of caffeine rise the risk of occurrence of side effects. Moderately consumption of caffeine, such as drinking 3 small cups of coffee in a day have stimulating effect and is not considered harmful, while excessive intake of caffeine causes a variety of symptoms such as: speeding up heart rate, vomiting, sickness, excessive urination, anxiety, depression, tremor, shaking.

Problems with sleep

Caffeine has a diuretic effect, so its excessive consumption can lead to dehydration, especially if we are not getting enough fluids. Because the danger of excessive loss of fluids from the body, we should take care of this, especially when we have increased physical activity or in hot weather.

Reducing the intake of caffeine

Caffeine can cause addiction, so for people who often use caffeine can reveal abstinence symptoms if they suddenly stop its consumption. These include: headache, decreased concentration, irritability, nausea, vomiting. Because of all of this it is recommended cancellation of caffeine to go gradually.

Effect of long-term plan

Moderate intake of caffeine is not considered harmful in the long-term plan. Excessive intake however, in the long-term plan can impact the values of blood pressure, can lead to the occurrence of chronic insomnia and it is one of the risk factors for the occurrence of fibrocystic breast disease.