18 Quick tips how to reduce stress

  1. Visualize. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in an area that you consider to be the paradise on earth. Imagine that you run barefoot on the green meadow, you’re on an exotic beach or you are in your child’s bedroom and you see while sleeping.
  2. Count to 10. Count slowly to 10 in all the languages you know or have ever tried to learn. The brain focuses on counting, so when you get to 10 you’ll be much more relaxed than when you started counting.
  3. Read 5 pages of your favorite book. We all have at least one book that you can read again and again. Separate yourself ten minutes and read at least 5 pages of it.
  4. Have some sleep. It is estimated that every fourth person suffers from stress caused mainly by lack of sleep. Shower yourself with warm water to relax the muscles of the body and from today please go to bed an hour earlier than usual.
  5. Clear out the space around you. If space is crowded around you, it further contributes to the occurrence of stress. Clear out the desk and let just what is most necessary for you, sort yourself books, pack them in suitcases things when not in use and remove them from sight. When everything is arranged, you will feel more satisfied.
  6. Drain natural orange juice. Drain two juicy oranges and add the juice of half a lemon. Acid taste, beautiful aroma and vitamin C together bring better mood and less stress. Researchers say that vitamin C can help people cope more effectively with stressful situations, because it can reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  7. Sing out loud. It does not matter whether the sound more bogus or mistaken text. Let yourself to your favorite song and sing. Singing will make you happier, but it is a useful for breathing, and even immunity.
  8. Relax with classical music or music with a nice text. If you’re a fan of classical music, listen a few songs, but if you manage to enjoy it, play songs with nice text. Lie down, close your eyes and concentrate only on the music or the words of the text. Music therapy helps not only to relax but also to reduce the pain.
  9. Laugh on some funny videos from YouTube. Open the video that you always elicits great smile. And then watch some related videos funny and laugh out loud. Laughing out loud seems really relaxing and is very “contagious”. So if you have someone to laugh with you, the fun will take more time and guarantee your body will forget the stress and tension.