18 Quick tips how to reduce stress

  • Play with your pets. Pets bring great joy to their owners. Run with your dog in the backyard, fondling your kitten ten minutes, stare at the fish tank.
  • Take a chew gum. The chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety, improves mental performance and yes, you can use it to refresh your breath 🙂
  • Breathe in lavender. Put a little lavender oil in your hand and deeply inhale the aroma. It is known that the scent of lavender lowers cortisol. Breathing in turn contributes to the diffusion of oxygen throughout your body and calming.
  • Keep sex. When you are stressed, sex is certainly the last thing that comes to mind. But, sex can reduce the tension you feel and help get rid of unpleasant stress.
  • Talk to someone. Silence of the problems and things that bother you will bring you more stress. When you are tense, talk with a loved one and you’ll feel like a stone falling from your soul. You do not have to lead the conversation in person, or simply lift the phone and ask someone what you mean. Even if you decide you do not want to talk about the problems, therefore you will hearing the voice of a nearby person would feel reassured.
  • Hug someone. So not only do you have to relieve stress, but you also have made a better day to another. Do not greet your friends with a kiss on the cheek routine, but strongly embrace it, do not send your child to school with only routine “bye”, but strong embrace.
  • Cry. If you are under tremendous stress and feel great tension, do not hesitate and let the tears run down. Crying is very useful and is one of the most effective ways to release stress.
  • Make yourself a massage. Using fingertips massage the temples and the area between the eyebrows, above the nose. Place a tennis ball on the bed and lie down with your back on him. Set to move to the left and half-right, and then push it above the back.
  • Be creative. The most beautiful works of art were created when artists were under the influence of strong emotions. There must be a Picasso to draw you a picture or Shakespeare to write a few words. Simply translated to strong feelings in your work. Take clay sculptures and form, take beads necklace and make you … There are many ways to dispose of stress itself, and also to show your creativity.