15 Neurobics – Neurobic right brain exercises

  • Eating with a stuffy nose / eyes closed. Make yourself fruit salad and eat it down until with one hand holding your nose clogged. Eliminating the sense of smell, you will further concentrate the flavor, texture and hardness of the fruit pieces. Or close your eyes and try to guess what fruit you eat only according to taste. That will drastically increase brain activity.
  • Mysterious coin. This brain exercise you can do anywhere. Take a few coins or banknotes and close your eyes. Choose a coin or bill and try using touch to determine what its worth.
  • New route. Find new route to your workplace. The route does not have to be long, but just different from the previous. If you go to work by public transport, try to close your eyes and imagine the road that passed by. Open your eyes just to see how well you deal with exercise.
  • New environment. Visit a place where you have never been. If you are not able to do it, go to a new store when you shop. New visual stimuli are good for brain training and fun with age-related dementia.
  • Fashionable diversity. Put yourself new clothes or try new combinations that you have not worn before. It has been proven that it does not only affect the emotional state of the individual, but also his thinking. Try, maybe different looks will bring a new way of thinking. Even your subconscious mind will work actively making new combinations of clothing and accessories.
  • New pace. The idea here is to move at a different pace than usual. If you have been slow in carrying out your activities now increase speed, and vice versa. So you become more aware of activities that run and will activate your brain.
  • Different feeding. Everything that is new is exciting for brain and awakens his curiosity, as well as its activity.
    • Eat for dinner that u usually eat for breakfast
    • Mix in blender two fruits you’ve never eaten them together. For example, pear and orange
    • Eat with the non-dominant hand
    • Eat a dinner with the light of a candle
    • Eat with music
    • For a change, eat in absolute silence (no talking, no music, no TV) and concentrate on the sound bite of the food and its taste.

    Of course, there are countless neurobic exercises. Wake up your creativity and think new. In addition it will help in improving brain function, these exercises are very entertaining.