15 Neurobics – Neurobic right brain exercises

What is neurobic?

Neurobics brain exercises

Neurobics – brain exercises

The term “neurobic” was introduced by the Americans Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin, and is an improvement of the intellectual capacity of the brain through a system of exercises.

As regular physical exercises help in building the muscles of the body, so reflective exercises or exercises neurobic helpsin improving memory and moving functions of the brain. The exercises used for this purpose are non-routine and unexpected for the brain and include various combinations of the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, as well as “emotional sense”. Neurobic exercises are different from other types of brain exercises, like logical puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, memory games, etc.., Precisely because they use human senses and a new way to stimulate the brain to make new associations between different types of information. Neurobic can be practiced by children and adults. Children use it to increase their concentration in order to facilitate the learning of new knowledge, and adults practice these exercises to avoid deterioration in their memory over the years.