15 Neurobics – Neurobic right brain exercises

15 Neurobics exercises

“The brain wants news. Do not have to be something complicated “- said Katz. The following exercises are just that simple, but new for the brain.

  1. Shower with your eyes closed. Try to shower with your eyes closed. When you can see, your other senses become more active and showering will lead to greater involvement of the brain. Another option is to evening lights off and try to move around your home activating your memory and your sense of touch.
  2. Brushing your teeth with the other hand. You regularly wash your teeth with the right hand? Now start to wash with your left hand (leftist vice versa). For many this is a very difficult exercise and requires full attention the first time you are trying to do. These exercises activate many links on the “other” side of the brain that do not normally use because of their performance will feel strange. Additionally, you can comb your hair or eat soup with non-dominant hand.
  3. New morning smell. Smell a new scent in the morning to wake up your brain. If you ever wake up with the smell of coffee or tea, replace it with another smell. Take aromatised candle or essential oil and smell it immediately after waking. This way your brain starts making connections with other familiar smells and works actively.
  4. TV without sound. Turn on the TV, but turn off the sound. Try to understand what is spoken by facial expressions and movements of the mouth that speaks.
  5. Non-standard answers. Start giving new and different answers to react to those situations in which routine you have posted or responded. Try to invent new responses even on questions you ask everyday people you meet, such as: “How are you?” Or “What’s new?”.
  6. Change the environment. Change the layout of objects around you, whether it is in your home or workplace. Only a small shift of trash will demonstrate how your life is routine – often to look for bin its former place. Another option is to rearrange your desk. By forcing the brain to form new mental map and work more actively.
  7. Note new phone number with the aroma. You can activate memory by merging certain aroma with a specific task. For example, if you want to remember a new phone number every time you turn, smell the same aromatised candle.
  8. Rotate around the table. In many families, each member has their place around the table and when it’s time for lunch or dinner all sit in place. For a change, you change places with the other members. Changing your chair changed many things, from the view of the dining room, how to reach for the salt or bread.