What is Zinc and Zinc deficiency symptoms

The importance of Zinc?

More than 200 enzymes in the body need zinc to function properly. Zinc is required for the formation of many hormones, including hormones that tell the immune system how to fight when is attacked by bacteria.

Zinc is especially important for those hormones, which regulate the growth of the body and the male hormone testosterone. Zinc deficiency in men decreases testosterone levels and sperm quantity.

The level of testosterone has an influence to sexual activity, size of muscle mass, bone growth etc.. So men need to give more attention to zinc.

The body deals easily with colds and flu when there is enough zinc in it, because zinc helps to boost the immune system. Besides this, zinc helps to maintain good looking skin. It controls the secretion of the sebaceous glands and helps in the fight against acne.

Most of the zinc in the body is concentrated in the skin, hair, nails and eyes ( in the men- prostate).