Why do we cry? – The truth behind the tears

Why crying is useful?

Once they show their emotions by crying, most people feel more relaxed. Nearly 90% of the people who cry often, feel better and are happier after they let the tears to flow.

After crying, the breathing and the heart beat are lower, sweating decreases and tactics period of relaxation that lasts longer than just crying. Therefore, some people remember better relaxation, rather than crying itself.

Studies have shown that people who cry as a result of stress, pain or other strong emotion, generally are healthier than those who do not cry.

It is generally known that the retention of emotions leads to increased levels of stress, which can contribute to headaches, depression, heart disease and many other diseases. You could say that crying is a way of the body to fight stress. So next time you feel that stem not tears in your eyes, do not be afraid to let it flow.