Little Changes for Big Weight Loss Results

A well thought food choices and careful preparation can help you to lose weight without dieting. The easiest way to a healthy and efficient way by losing excess weight is the introduction of small changes in your daily diet. Some specialists in nutrition give some suggestions for healthy and easy changes that you will not even feel them.

Next time think about what you eat

Next time think about what you eat- Photo by Shutterstock

Instead of a pork neck – Pork fillet

– Always try the meat you buy to have less fat and to be with high quality. Pork fillet has less fat and more protein than pork neck, and the difference in calories is huge. Per 100 grams of meat, the difference is 300 calories.
Always prepare the meat on grill or teflon, with a minimal oil.

Instead of blue fried eggplant – Grilled

– Blue eggplanthas have only 20 calories per 100 grams. However, if you roll them in flour and fry in deep oil, per 100 grams will have 720 calories, because it absorbs grease.

Is is advised the moussaka of eggplant to be made with grilled vegetables, because it is a huge difference in calories, and the taste is almost the same.

Instead full-fat yogurt – Diet yogurt

– Full-fat yogurt with 3.5 percent milk fat has about 63 calories per 100 ml. In contrast, the yogurt from 0.5 percent milk fat at the same volume has 40 calories. Although it seems like a very small difference, keep in mind that the yogurt is something that is drinked every day, and on a monthly basis it is not a little.

Instead rusks – Plain bread

Many diets are advising you to use toast as a substitute for the classic bread, but some experts explain why it is wrong.

– Plain bread, without any additives has 250 calories, while a toast has 450. This is so because the toast loses water when cooking, and therefore the same mass has more calories. After all the tests, plain bread is lower caloric.

Instead fried fries – Fries from the oven

The potato is an excellent food, and should not be avoided, but care should be taken in order to prepare.

– At 100 grams, the potato has about 80 calories. On that same amount, fried fries in oil have four times higher calorific value! If you want fries, you can prepare them very easily in the oven, without adding oil. In this case, there will be about 100 calories, due to loss of water.