How to improve concentration and focus

Improving concentration with releasing thoughts

Staring at the simple subject

Take a simple object like a little ball, spoon or cup. Hold it in your hands and concentrate only on him. Turn and Consider it from all sides, but without permissions in your head to words appear. Chasing them and you just look at the subject. The beginning will be difficult and will endure more than 2-3 minutes, but gradually the time in which you can stay fully concentrated will increase.

Concentration of the fingers

Sit with your back straight and lift your right hand side at shoulder height. Keep fully upright. Turn your head to the right and begin to see the tips of the fingers of the hand. Concentrate only on it to hold your hand steady and stare at your fingers without you of anything. Do this 1 minute and then repeat with your left hand.

Watching the geometric figure

The white sheet of paper draw a circle, square or other geometric figure and paint in January Stand straight over it and watch only the figure, nothing else. Imagine that there is just that and not let anything distract you. Do this 3-4 minutes. Then, close your eyes.Open your eyes to retrieve the look of the figure, then close them again and continue to focus only on it.