How to improve concentration and focus

Start counting

Important in these exercises is to focus only and exclusively on numbers. Chasing all other thoughts will arise in your head.

Counting the words

Take book, open randomly to any page and start to count words in a paragraph. Once the counting, repeat counting to make sure that you are wrong. When counting in one paragraph will go smoothly and quickly begin to count the words on the page. Count the words without using fingers to facilitate the work.

Counting to 100

Sit with your back straight. Close your eyes and begin to imagine the numbers 1 through 100 one by one. When you fail to understand the present number 1 in the head, tell yourself you’re “one”, then you start to conceive number 2. Although it looks easy, actually have much concentration to think only of the task and nothing else. The first day can only get to 50 and then gradually increase your exercise time. You counting backwards from 100 to not be bored.

Counting skip

If previous exercise you seem easy, then try to skip counting, ie skip two or three numbers. For example, imagine the number 100, say to yourself, “hundred”, then imagine the number 97, say “ninety-seven” etc..