How to create a habit?

  • Practice the new habit at the same time every day. You will be much easier if each day practicing the same thing at a specific time. Instead every day when you exercise, plan you can practice every day in the morning or when you complete obligations. It is easier to get used to getting up early, if you do it every day at 7 pm.
  • Kill the negative thoughts. One of the best techniques to continue daily practice of an activity is to think positively. Because of the simple reason that people are, it is difficult to completely remove negative thoughts, but we can kill them. Simply use the word “but.” Example: “I can not work out, I’m too lazy, but if I keep doing it you will become more flexible, more focused and better.”
  • Motivate yourself through visualization. Imagine two potential versions of themselves – in one case you gain their habit, and the other did not. Well think about how I felt or how it would look if you create a habit (thinner, more confident, more knowledge, welcome). Motivate are based on what you want to be.
  • Think of yourself first. Many believe that if you have a friend who will constantly forcing you to do a particular activity, you will find it easier to turn the activity into a habit. Maybe it really helps, but often the person a few days you can devote the time and the effort will fall into the water. Trust yourself first, and count them as friends further assistance.
  • Set a condition or reward in case of success. Give your partner or closest friend 100 dolars and tell him to give him back to you if you successfully implement the plan and convert it into an activity habit. Promise yourself that you will award yourself with a new piece of clothing, a new book etc..
  • Creating a habit is not easy, but doable, and the results will convince you that labor is paid.