How to create a habit?

Here are some important steps and tips that should apply if you want to develop a new habit:

  1. “Separate and conquer.” Do not expect that to 21 days will completely change your lifestyle. Rather than set out to introduce a complex habit as keeping a healthy life, divide it to smaller more – eating healthy foods, daily exercise, meditation and so on. Introducing into your life gradually.
  2.  Define the habit in detail. If you want to make a habit of drinking more water, do not define habit as “daily consumption of more water.” Instead, define it as “drinking 6 glasses of water a day.” The same goes for other actions that you want to turn into a habit. Rather than place the order “daily exercise”, ask yourself purpose “exercise 30 minutes a day” instead of “reading a book every day” – “after reading 30 pages a day,” etc.
  3.  Be patient. Some people are more inclined to accept the new habits, and not others. Therefore, it is best to say that one thing will employ over 1 month. Give yourself 30 days and when the deadline passes, you’ll probably develop a routine that will be easy to maintain.
  4.  Perform your habit daily. Activities that aren’t doing every day are harder to turn into a habit. Over a month, observe your new habit every day. In the end, you do automatically.
  5. Accelerate gradually. If your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes a day, the first day to start exercising after 10 minutes and Accelerate gradually. If your goal is to get up 2 hours earlier, start getting up half an hour earlier each day and increase your time.
  6. Keep a reminder. You can not expect that every day time will remember for meeting your small mission. It would go to exercise, if they are remembered at 11 pm. It is something that will give you a sign to remind you that it is time for action. Set yourself an alarm to remind you to attend the fitness room.