The Mating Ritual: 5 Ways You Attract The Opposite Sex

It’s getting touchy feely


Man and woman try small touches first. Hand on hand, arm against arm. If all goes well, they kiss, and so on and so forth (no descriptions required, you know the script already). The mating ritual is completed for the trillionth time.

Wherever it may have happened and whatever the finer details of the story, whenever a man and a woman have had sex of their own free will, this roughly outlined process has been replicated. Next time you get stars in your eyes thinking about how your man wooed you, or how he swept you off your feet, or how he would still be gathering courage if you hadn’t taken matters in your own hands, smile and remember that both of you were genetically programmed to make your contribution to the process of procreation.

Mother Nature is actually the greatest grandest mother.