Nausea while you are traveling

  • Get rid of strong odors. Better no air freshener in the car further than you to br irritate by its strong aroma.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking will only exacerbate symptoms. Also, do not allow the other passengers to smoke.
  • Allow yourself to have access of fresh air. If you are moving with a speed of the car, open the window for fresh air to enter.
  • Do not eat heavy meals or drink alcohol before traveling. To avoid nausea and vomiting, before traveling you should not eat hearty meal consisting of fried or fatty foods. Also spicy foods and alcohol.
  • Before traveling eat crackers. Dry crackers are not very spicy are the best choice of food before travel.
  • Cure yourself with ginger. It is believed that ginger reduces nausea. Except for nausea when traveling, it is recommended for morning sickness in pregnant women. You can eat cookies with ginger and consume it in the form of tea.
  • Take some lemon. Many argue that lemon helps to “expel” the feeling of nausea. Carry yourself with a few slices of lemon itself. When you feel bad, put a piece in your mouth.
  • Take a chew gum. Menthol will help you to refresh and considered that the movement of the mouth reduces nausea and reduces the need to vomit.
  • There are many medications that can help you avoid anxiety. Most of them cause drowsiness, so those who take, usually sleep trough the journey.