Nausea while you are traveling

Prevent nausea

There are several measures you can take to prevent the occurrence of nausea or at least minimize the symptoms:

  1. Choose the most suitable seat. Depending on the vehicle, you choose based allowing you the most comfortable trip.
  • Car: proper site’s front passenger seat, as you can see in the distance ahead and be prepared for the movements that you expect.
  • Ship: Book you cabin mid-ship. Whenever you have the opportunity, get out on the deck and watch the horizon ahead.
  • Plane: sit by the window and possibly the seat is in the wings of the plane. Watching through the window can help to calm the symptoms.
  1. Never sit on the seat which is directed opposite to the direction in which to move.
  2. Refine the view distance. Seeing in close cases can worsen the situation. Watch the distance.
  3. Avoid sudden changes in the body, especially the head. Hold your head leaning against the seat and look forward. If you are forced to turn away, do it slowly.
  4. Ask the driver to drive more carefully and not to accelerating and slowing down sharply.
  5. If you have the possibility, you’re a driver. It is more likely to occur anxiety among the passengers in the car than the driver. But never drive if you are drinking anti-nausea medication. These drugs cause drowsiness, so you will not be able to closely manage vehicle.
  6. Do not read while you are traveling. If you read while you are traveling, inner ear and skin receptors will detect that you move forward, but the eyes are directed seamless book will convey to the brain that do not move. In this case, the brain comes to conflicts of different information and come to confusion, and you will feel sick.
  7. Do not look at your laptop or mobile phone. Although interesting games or videos on your phone or laptop attract you, it is better to leave if you know that there are likely to be sick. Boredom is a better choice than unpleasant nausea.
  8. Relax. People who have experienced nausea can worsen symptoms during future trips just because they expect them to be bad. Some people on the psychological basis beginning to feel ill before the trip began. So relax. Anxiety is not your friend.
  9. Do not look at another person who is sick and do not talk to her.