How to increase energy in 10 ways

6. Less alcohol

Alcohol in the evening destroys good dreams. Although alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, it disrupts deep sleep and you do not get that rest you need. If you reduce your consumption of alcohol before bedtime, you will sleep better, and it will bring you more energy the next day.

7. Balancing while drinking coffee

Coffee morning is the best drink for many people. And rightly so coffee speeds up metabolism and improves the current concentration and energy. Several small doses coffee through the day can keep you focused, more than one dose in the morning. But care should be taken with consumption of coffee, because you can impede your dream. And as you know is a bad dream is a killer of the energy. Instead of coffee you can drink tea. Most teas improve memory, and some as black tea is good for struggling with stress.

8. Stop Stress

Weary mind can leave you without energy to the same extent as the tired body. Today people are constantly under stress, and stress saps. Every negative thought draining of your energy. On the other hand, every moment that you stand to take care of your spirit, you will improve your energy levels. Sitting in silence, meditation and prayer are powerful ways to find amazing sources of energy.

9. More physical activity

Exercise helps to release hormones endorphins that make us feel good and increase energy. Even the way we think about exercise can give us extra energy. Studies have shown that women who were satisfied after aerobics classes, had more energy and a better mood than those who were not satisfied. It is important to find a physical activity and regularly to practice. The beginning is difficult, but self-confidence and energy that can give you exercise are indispensable.

10. ‘Yes’ for sex

Making love causes the release of these hormones are secreted while exercising and increase energy. Besides sex makes you feel good your body, and increasing your self-esteem.