How to get rid of greasy hair

Tips for greasy hair

  1. To use a shampoo designed for our hair type. Do not use shampoos that are strong and would dried scalp and roots of hair, because we will not get the effect you desire. Select a shampoo designed for oily hair or gentle shampoo with a neutral pH. So we can wash our hair as much as we need without having worsened the situation.
  2. Be careful. While you wash your hair, do not use nails or doing too much pressure on the scalp. Apply shampoo and gently rub with our fingertips.
  3. Avoid hot water. Greasy hair should not be washed with hot water. Use warm water, and finally the last jet should be cold.
  4. Dryer should be away from the roots of the hair. When drying your hair, hold the dryer away from the roots. Hot air stimulates the secretion of sebum. Dryer should be at a distance of 15cm from hair and does not hold a lock in 15 seconds.
  5. Hands away from hair. If we have a habit of constantly touching our hair during the day, quit from it.
  6. Reduce artificial products. They may give shine to the hair, but it looks without volume.