How to get rid of greasy hair

Characteristics of greasy hair

Greasy hair never looks fresh and clean. It remains attached to the scalp and therefore no volume. On this type of hair it is easier to get stick dust and other impurities, and this takes the shine.

When we constantly wash the hair, other people around haven’t some impression. Those who have a bigger problem wash their hair once or twice a day.

What causes greasy hair

Greasy hair never looks clean even though we wash it often. Greasy hair is due to excessive secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Sebum is natural oil that protects the hair and scalp hair from external influences.

Causes of excess sebum can be internal and external. Greasy hair can be genetically inherited or can be the result of changes in the levels of hormones in the body. Therefore, the most concerned of this problem of oily hair are adolescents and women (due to varying levels of hormones during the menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy).

The appearance of oily hair can be caused by frequent washing the hair with strong shampoo. This kind of shampoo dries the scalp. Other causes include stress and frequent use of strong products.