Guide with 25 tips for hot summer days

  1. Get out of the sun. During the hottest time of the day (11 to 17 hours) is recommended to move into closed and preferably air-conditioned rooms. All duties and tasks ending the morning or afternoon when temperatures are lower and gentler sunshine.
  2. If you travel by bus or car, be sure to take with you a small bottle of cold water. Transport vehicles, especially those without air conditioning, restrict access to sufficient air for increased warmth over dehydrate the body.
  3. When driving a car long distance, do not forget to protect your left arm from the sun. Drivers expose to sun on the left side of the body while are behind the wheel. If you have to drive a long distance, a good idea is to use a lotion with SPF.
  4. While walking, as much as possible scroll shade. Even if you have to spend a few more feet and circumvent, choose to move into the shade to avoid direct sun exposure.
  5. Wear bright light clothing. During the day wear bright clothing from pleasing materials that allowing the skin to breathe. Choose skirts pants.
  6. Wear a straw hat and sunglasses. When you are exposed to the sun, wear a straw hat. Do not wear hats that will only create additional heat. The body is mostly cooled over the head and straw hats are a very good choice. Sunglasses protect your eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes, so do not go out of home without them.
  7. Limit your physical activity during the day. Be as active as possible during pregnancy, especially during the period from 12 to 16 o’clock, because you tire easily and can come to exhaustion of the body. Keep your energy.
  8. Exercising in early morning or in late afternoon.Start your day with exercise or postpone the physical activity for 18 hours. At times you will have more energy.
  9. When you know that you will be exposed to the sun, use a moisturizer with a minimum SPF 15th. Coat your face, hands and shoulders, or those parts of the body to know that the sun touches the most.
  10. Drink plenty of fluids, beware of dehydration. Even if you are not thirsty, eat cold fluids throughout the day. Avoid coffee and alcohol, because they dehydrate the body. Best choice always remains water.