Cancer prevention tips

1. Give up from cigarettes

There’s a reason for that on every box of cigarettes writes “Smoking kills”. Smoking damages nearly every organ in your body. It is associated with the occurrence of multiple cancers, including cancers of the cervix, esophagus, kidney, mouth, lungs, pancreas, cervix. Chewing tobacco increases the risk of cancer of the esophagus, mouth, pancreas and cervix. But even if you are smoking, you should beware of passive smoking. If you are regularly exposed to cigarette smoke, increase the risk of lung cancer. Quitting smoking is one of the most sensible decisions you can make.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is the cause of many diseases and should be taken seriously that is a threat to health. Only in America that contributes to 14-20% of all cancer deaths. Obesity causes cancer of the breast, colon, kidney, esophagus and stomach. It has been proven that overweight women may be difficult to prevail against breast cancer than women with normal body weight. But also under-weight has a negative impact. Little weight in menopause is associated with increased risk of breast cancer. So watch calories, choose healthy foods and be physically active.

3. Scroll

It is not possible only through food to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of cancer. You need to have an active life and exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week. The more you exercise, the more protection you provide. Long walks will help, but if you are able to observe and intensive exercise to protect against cancer and heart disease. There is evidence that physical activity provides extra protection and the passionate smokers.

4. Careful with the sun

You should not ignore the warnings of experts about protection from the sun’s rays. Surely you already know that exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer. In fact, exposure to the sun is the main culprit for almost all cases of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Contrary to the opinion of many people, there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” The sun and solariums are harmful. Whenever you get out in the sun use cream with a minimum SPF 15th It is best to be waterproof to offer full protection. Avoid the sun between 10 to 16 hours.