Bad Habits that Can Affect Your Beauty

“Tortured” hair

Never sleep with tied hair, combing the hair while is wet and drag it the comb hard through the hair. Hair requires special attention which includes: gently grooming, massage of the root and “freedom while you sleep”. You should use the dryer when it is necessary and when you use it you should hold it at a distance of 20 cm.

Frequent use of a hand cream

If you thought that frequent use of a hand cream it is good, you are wrong. This is very bad habit and you should apply hand cream only once a day. Just like lip balms and hand cream will make you to become “addicted” to them and for that your hands will become very sensitive.

Scratching your face

We are not even aware about this habit. Bacteria are all around us, so for it before you try to scratch your face remind yourself about negative consequences. You will agree that we all occasionally forget to wash our hands and touch our face thinking that our hands are clean.

Unclean makeup utensils

The brushes and applicators which are used to apply the makeup should be washed with warm water because they have dirt which should be eliminated.