Bad Habits that Can Affect Your Beauty

We all have bad habits that destroy the skin and the hair and we are aware of their negative reaction, so we must remind ourselves how to protect from those habits which are harmful to our health and beauty.


Do not lick lip balm

“Eating” the lip balm has the opposite effect to the right. Lips will be drier and more cracking if you do this action, so it’s better not to put a lip balm on your lips and when you are at home apply honey which will restrain you to lick it.

Sleeping with makeup

This habit is the worst “enemy” for every woman. Always remove your make up before going to sleep, because powder closes the pores and your skin instead of breathing while you sleep, it is smothered in dirt while you were out. You certainly do not want a new acne when you wake up, so for that it is better to prevent than to cure.