10 Tips – Treating and preventing urinary tract infections in women

  • Use sanitary pads instead of tampons. Tampons increase the risk of developing a urinary infection, so if you are prone to infection, use pads. Switch sanitary pads during each visit to the toilet.
  • Drink juice or tea cranberry and / or blueberry. Studies have shown that cranberry helps in the treatment of urinary infections, but should not be regarded as a panacea. The visit to the doctor is a must. It is best to drink natural unsweetened cranberry juice. Also is recommended consumption of blueberry juice. When you buy tea cranberry, always read the label, because many teas contain only a small percentage of cranberry.
  • Do not wear tight clothing and tang ,prefer cotton panties. Cotton underwear allowing the skin to breathe and reduces humidity that fosters the growth of bacteria. Say “no” to the tight pants and tang if you are prone to infections.
  • Do not stay long with water swimsuit. If you wear a swimsuit that dries hard, change it immediately after leaving the water. It is advisable to buy swimwear from materials that are easily dried. Water suit can cause vaginal infection.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods. Alcohol, coffee, cola and spices you can only exacerbate the situation. While struggling with urinary infection, you need to completely avoid them.
  • The onset of symptoms of urinary infection, immediately visit a doctor. The above tips can help you in treatment, but should not be considered as substitute for medical treatment. Urinary infections are a serious problem they are not treated on time.