What is the most expensive hotel in the world?

The smallest suite occupies 169 square meters and the largest – about 780 square meters. Prices only for one night start at $ 1000 and the royal apartment worth $ 28,000. For the construction of the interior are used the most expensive materials. The apartments are equipped with the latest technology and a personal butler to show you how it all works. The top of it all are the two royal apartments – maisonettes on 252 m2, with their own cinemas, meeting rooms, banquet halls and private elevator. There is no accurate information about how much worth the construction, but there are rumors that it will take 100 years to recover the money invested.

Designed to prove that the human soul is insatiable, there you can find immeasurable and unique luxury.

There is an amazing restaurant. Al Muntaha restaurant is located 200 meters above the Persian Gulf, offering spectacular views of Dubai from above. Al Mahara restaurant is located below the water surface and glass walls. Offers mostly seafood. It is reached by a facility that looks like a submarine, then you can brag that you literally eat in the company of aquatic life.

It becomes even greater prominence after organizing several sporting events. In March 2004, professional golfer Tiger Woods made a few beats and sends balls into the ocean from helicopter platform on top of the hotel (located 211 m above sea level). In February 2005, professional tennis players Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played a friendly game of that helipad, which was converted into a tennis court especially for the event. Athletes have played at that height without any safety barriers.

Certainly there is more to be told about the jewel of Dubai, but at one point left without words and breath … So if you love luxury and more importantly, if you can afford it, the hotel is one – the Burj Al Arab.