Palazzo Margherita – Italian paradise by Francis Ford Coppola

Palazzo Margherita by Francis Ford Coppola

Palazzo Margherita

Palazzo Margherita

Director opened a hotel in the Italian town of Bernalda

Spectacular hotel “Palazzo Margherita” (“palazzo” – an Italian palace) is located in Bernalda, a small town in the countryside of southern Italy – Matera, and near the Ionian Sea. Despite its historical value, the area is almost unknown to tourists.

In fact the hotel we mentioned is owned by famous director Francis Ford Coppola. His grandfather – Agostino Coppola was born and raised in Bernalda. Therefore, the director decided in 2004 to transform the old palace into a hotel in order to meet tourists from all over the world to this paradise.

He hired the architect Jacques Grange, whose task was to restore the building from the 19th century and to create a luxurious and comfortable hotel, retaining the authentic Italian style.