Laughter is the best medicine

  • It improves digestion. If you eat in the company of people who have a sense of humor and does not hesitate to show off, then probably after a meal will not have unpleasant acids.
  • Affect the level of sugar in the blood. Scientists have shown that laughter has a positive effect on blood sugar levels in diabetics. In one study, a group meal for diabetics attending the boring lecture and the next day after eating the same meal watching comedies. The results showed that they had lower levels of blood sugar in the day when watching comedies.
  • Your social life improves. By the smile people better connect with each other. The more people you can laugh, the more friends you have, because we all want happy people with a good sense of humor. And as you have more friends and a better social life, the better will be your mental and physical health.
  • Above need to be reason enough to start laughing. Lift the edges of the mouth up and show the world how beautiful smile you have.