Influenza and the common cold facts

Flu vaccine can cause flu.


All experts agree that it is impossible flu vaccine to cause influenza because it does not contain live virus. People often confuse the side effects of the vaccine with flu symptoms, so this is one of the most widespread myths about the flu. After vaccination, there is a possibility of pain in the arm or fever, symptoms that can be attributed to the emergence of flu, but actually side effects of the vaccine.

You should never exercise when you have a cold.


Indeed, you need to rest when you are sick, but did little physical activity will not hurt you. Rather, it will help you feel better. If you practice regular physical activity when you have a cold you can continue practicing. But if you have long been active, it is better to delay the exercise until cold symptoms disappear.Exercise strengthens the immune system and can help the body to fight the cold. However, when you have a cold should not exercise intensely. The body already consumes a lot of energy to fight the cold, and you should notget too much tired. It is good to know that some drugs the heart beat faster. Therefore, it is likely to be tired a lot faster than usual.