How To Make Healthy Vegetable Sauce

vegetable sauces

It is clear that all of us adore to eat different kinds of sauces combined with a variety of dishes like spaghetti, meat, potatoes and so on. Here we will devote space and we will present to you several types of vegetables sauces.

Tomato sauce

Rinsed and cleaned tomatoes boil in some water with a few leaves of celery. When they are going to get softened, add  sugar and salt for taste. Stirring the pot with liquid, as needed, the sauce should not be too thick. You can serve with spaghetti, cooked with meat, fried potatoes or cooked rice .

Mushroom sauce

Mushrooms should be clean, washed and you have to crush them finely. You will boil with oil and with a little finely chopped parsley. When they become soft completely, strew them with flour, put water and add sour cream.

Sauce with cheese, mayonnaise and horseradish

We need melted cheese, four tablespoons of yogurt, 100 grams of grated horseradish, salt and juice of one lemon. The cheese, yogurt and mayonnaise must be mixed well, then add horseradish, salt, pepper and the juice of one lemon. This sauce can be served with cold or baking meatballs of minced meat.