Health benefits of pets

Hugging a pet reduces depression

Many experts as a remedy for depression recommend keeping a pet. Hugging a cat or dog has a calming effect. Love from them act positively to every man. Animals never refuse when you want to talk. Caring for a dog or cat makes people feel more useful to spend their time and it boosts self-esteem.

Reduce the occurrence of allergies and asthma

There is an increasing number of studies showing that if a child lives with fur animal like a cat or dog or is constantly in touch with the larger domestic animals (horse), then it is exposed to less risk of allergies and asthma. It is lower the percentage of babies who develop eczema – an allergic skin reaction.

It helps to strengthening the bones

Walk provides greater sun exposure, which contributes to the creation of vitamin D. Strengthening of bones is the best protection against osteoporosis and fractures.

Help maintain normal blood pressure

Of course, it is not enough to have a cat or dog to have normal blood pressure, but they can help you to maintain. The results of the study that involved 240 married couples showed that pet owners have lower blood pressure and slower heart rates than those who do not have a pet. Another study showed that children who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure) have pressure decrease while hugging their pet dog.