Best ways to reduce stress

  • Breathe deeply. There are different techniques for deep breathing. Select one and you observe it when you feel that stress affects you. Example: With the index finger of his right hand Stopper the right nostril and breathe in as you slowly deeper. Then, with the index finger of the left hand cover your left nostril and breathe out slowly. Repeat this for one minute. With each exhale imagine you throw a bit of negative energy that you have in yourself.
  • Make yourself a break for green tea. Instead of the usual cup of coffee, drink green tea. Green tea is rich in the amino acid L-theanine and substance EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which reduce stress. Do not sit at the computer and watch TV while drinking tea. Just look out the window and let your thoughts fly far away.
  • Prepare yourself for music therapy. Select a song you relax, preferably a positive text. Every day disassociate yourself 5 minutes to listen to the song, while concentrating on the beautiful words of text. While you listen, do nothing. You have to make the play-list with more such songs you act positively and change every day.
  • Smile. In your cell phone save a short video or pictures that for sure will deceiving smile on your face whenever you look. Or, store in a purse or magazine pictures that cheer you up. Whenever you have a need for relaxation, play your hand in your purse and smile will be “within reach”.
  • Start to combat stress today! Try any of various ways, and if you fail enough to relax, try another. Find out what is most effective for you and follow it every day.